Introduction: Halloween Bats|quick Halloween Trick or Treat

Halloween Bats


Fondant ( Black color preferably) ,lemon size - 1 no.
Tooth picks


Take the fondant , add a drop of shortening or oil and knead with fingers until they become soft and of workable consistency.
Lightly dust the work surface for rolling the fondant .
Using rolling pin, roll them into a big circle (assymetrical) .
Using a toothpick outline the bat's picture on the fondant.Then cut them accordingly using the toothpick itself.
Make five of them - 1 big,4 small sizes.
Halloween bats are ready.
Use it on cakes,cup cakes or wherever your creative mind wish to use them Or use it as it is as a Halloween prop and as you know fondant are sweet and edible so can be used as a sweet snack as well.
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