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Introduction: Halloween Candy Bowl

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When no one can really stay at home to greet the trick or treaters but wwould still like to give away goodies, candy bowl by the door it is.

This year instead just placing a full round bowl, we decided to make ourselves, which can also be a decoration for the door/porch :)

Step 1: Materials

  1. bucket
  2. wood paint
  3. orange spray paint
  4. nail, hammer, power drill
  5. glue gun
  6. wood
  7. black marker
  8. Halloween decorations such as spider web, spiders, rat

Step 2: How To

  • Spray paint the bucket and leave to dry, repeat spraying for thicker color
  • Nail two pieces of wood (the measurement is depending how tall you'd like your candy bowl to be, or as you can see I got two buckets, smaller and bigger, so the wood would have to match them as well)
  • Paint with wood paint and leave to dry
  • Once bucket is dried, draw Jack O' Lantern with marker

Step 3: Finishing

  • Once wood for the stand is dried, nail bucket onto the stand
  • Decorate with spider web all over.
  • Attach (big) spider and rat with glue gun

There you go :) A simple and easy tutorial to make a nice candy bowl for your Halloween.

I also added a trick or treat sign which require a printer, a laminating machine, and a scissor. I attached the sign using a stapler.

Thanks for looking!

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