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Photo of orange sky, picture of the little witch flying in the sky. I printed out the sky  picture then cut out the witch and put it on the scanner, copied it. A blob of water fell on the picture and that's how the ghost appeared. I removed the ink with a paint brush and water, dabbed it off. I took a black marker and went around the ghost to intensify the shape. I did the same process to make the letters of Happy Halloween. I sent this out for Halloween cards. Super easy and fun to do..

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Step 2:

Print out sky photo on cheap printing paper, print out witch and cut out, lay witch on scanner, put printed out photo of sky on top of witch. Print out . Take water and brush, paper towel. Make letters, ghost or whatever you want and wipe ink off with water process. Rescanand print picture when you think you have it done on Photo Paper,Cardstock, etc. Comes out different on each..your choice.Fun to do and send.

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