Introduction: Halloween Cemetery Entry Pillars

I'm always looking to expand on my home haunt graveyard so decided to get started this year on a more grand entrance. Eventually, I want to make an arch over the two pillars but this is a good start. Materials were simple and inexpensive.

Step 1: Materials

Each column was made from 4 x 8 sheets of Styrofoam. I was able to acquire them off of my local Buy/Sell/Trade group on Facebook for next to nothing. The adhesive that I used I purchased at Home Depot. I found them on a clearance rack for a dollar a tube.

You will also need a foam cutter, saw, or knife for cutting the foam boards.

You will also need an implement or tool for engraving the brick pattern.

Last, paint and brushes. I had some leftover exterior latex paint so didn't have to pay anything. Look at your local paint/hardware store for cans of paint that were rejected for bad color match. You can pick up a lot for a little!

Step 2: Measure Twice, Cut Once...

The bulk of each column was cut from a single sheet of foam. You can make them as tall as you want. I made mine 6' tall so first cut 2' off the sheet. The remainder of the sheet was cut into 4 equal pieces.

Use your foam glue to attach these pieces to form the main columns. Tape or clamp the pieces together while the glue sets.

Use the remaining 2' x 4' piece of foam to cut any embellishing pieces you may desire and glue those on as well.

Step 3: Assembly So Far...

I tried several versions of embellishment. This was close to where I ended up.

Step 4: The Devil Is in the Details...

I wanted to have a brick look to the pillars so needed to engrave the grout lines. One can use an assortment of tools for this. I went really low tech and just gouged the lines with a small knife I had in the shop. One could use a router, Dremmel, or some other tool.

Its a mess doing it my way! I had my shop vac at the ready but it was still a mess!

Instead of a brick pattern, one could opt for a stone look, a smooth veneer, or a combination.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

I did a really quick job painting the pillars. They get multicolored lighting in my graveyard so the patchy paint job actually adds to their look.

I also added a skull to each one that I picked up at the Dollar Store in town. If you check the price there, you will find them to be a dollar each. Imagine that!

Eventually, I plan on making an arch to go on top with the name of the graveyard. I raise doves so was thinking "Doves Rest" or since it is at the foot of a giant maple tree "Maple Hollow". Time will tell...

One important last detail... I live where it gets REALLY windy and these being foam, well you can see the problem. Since the pillars are hollow, my solution was to stack cinder blocks and place the pillars over the top of the stack. The blocks are heavy so they won't be going anywhere.

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