Introduction: Halloween Chandelier How-To

These instructions will take you through the process of converting a cheap curbside chandelier into a creepy Halloween prop. The things you will need for this are:

1. Cheap (or free) Chandelier
2. Small Skulls (I got mine from Michaels)
3. PVC Pipe
4. LED tea lights (dollar store ones work great)
5. Spray paint (black and off-white)
6. Spider webs

Step 1: Age the Chandelier

The first step was to age the chandelier with light a dusting of matte black spray paint.

Step 2: Make the Candles

I made my candles out of PVC pipe. You will need to get an appropriate size that will fit the tea lights. I cut the PVC at a slight angle to make it look like the candle burned a bit uneven. I then used the hot glue gun to drip glue around the rim to look like melted wax. I also put some glue on the inside to support the tea lights. after the glue cooled I painted them with a couple coats of off-white spray paint.

Step 3: Add Decoration to the Chandelier

I used some skulls I bought at Michaels for under $10 for decoration. I used hot glue and glued them to each arm and made a ring of skulls for the bottom. After the skulls were glued on, I added some cheap spider webs to make it look even creepier.

Step 4: Add the Candles

I was lucky in that the PVC candles slip right over the bulb sockets and fit tight, this allows me to remove them in order to turn the light on and off. Now it is ready to hang!