Introduction: Halloween Character Decorations DIY

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This may just be the EASIEST project yet - and anyone can do it as long as you have access to some 4x4 pieces of wood - or you could technically paint on nearly any object.

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Alright... lets go!


4x4 Wood

Step 1: Cut the Pieces

The cuts here are completely random and to your choosing.

I made my Frankenstein the tallest because he's a monster and just used the lengths for the other pieces that I had scraps of.

The only other cut needed is a stem for the pumpkin. In my case, I just cut a 2x2 to about 1" thick.

Step 2: Paint the Pumpkin

Then it's time to paint away.

I began by painting the pumpkin with some orange spray paint. Once I had a couple of coats, I penciled in the faces and painted those black.

I painted the little 2x2 stem a brownish color.

Step 3: Paint Frankenstein

Next up was Frankenstein - this took a little more detail.

I didn't buy an entire can of green spray paint just for this guy, so I purchased a little tube of green puke paint.

For the hair and white - I used cabinet paint and wall paint. Pretty much everything here is made from recycled material except for the green.

Step 4: Paint the Ghost

The last one I went to is the ghost which ended up being my favorite.

I just brushed on some white wall paint from my house.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

And lastly, glue on the stem for the pumpkin and then spray a clear coat across all surfaces of these characters, even the bottom.

I will be placing my decorations outside so that is why I want them heavily protected.

These are all done now and look beautiful - I really have no Halloween decorations except for handmade stuff so this was a great addition.

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Happy Halloween!

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