Halloween Chex Mix

Introduction: Halloween Chex Mix

Though this is a good Halloween treat, it could work for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and just about every other holiday out there, plus reunions... please enjoy!


4 cups Chex

2 cups mini pretzels

1/2 cup Rolos (or Reese’s work too)

1 cup M&M’s

4 blocks white almond bark or 1 cup white chocolate chips

1 microwave safe bowl

1 large bowl

1 baking sheet

Parchment paper

Step 1: Line the Baking Sheet With the Parchment

like in the picture

Step 2: Combine Everything

Except the white chocolate chips, in the big bowl

Step 3: Put the White Chocolate Chips/white Almond Bark in the Microwave Safe Bowl

And microwave for 15 seconds, and stir. Repeat this until there is little/no bits left.

Step 4: Pour the Melted White Chocolate on the Mix

Yeah, do that and mix until the chocolate is spread almost evenly over it all

Step 5: Spread the Mixture on the Baking Sheet/parchment

yes, and then let it sit/settle for 10-15 minutes.

Step 6: Then Break Into Pieces and Enjoy

yup, your all done! Good job!

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