Introduction: Halloween Coffin

This coffin is a decorative object for Halloween, but not just any ... To set it up and have a good time with the user who interacts with it, we have introduced an Arduino that will make the experience more enjoyable and terrifying.

On the one hand, two buttons on the outside of the coffin can be differentiated that set in motion two functions of the arduino: one button that illuminates the eye of the clown located inside and the other that activates a motor which spins a fan located in the clown's mouth. Secondly, a photographic resistor has been incorporated which, when the coffin is closed, activates another LED that illuminates the clown's second eye and at the same time a noise inside.

This coffin is perfect for Halloween decorations and for kids, as it keeps them distracted by its interactive buttons.

Step 1: Electronic Parts, Materials and Tools…

In order to develope this project we have used some electronic parts in order to create the Arduino, as well as some materials and tools to make our delivery prototype...

Electronic Parts:

330 ohms resistences




Fan+Fan engine










Fake blood

Halloween decoration

Ducp tape



Silicon gun


Laser Cutter


Step 2: TikerCad Schematics:

In the attached images you can see the different circuits used to carry out the different actions of the arduino. A tikercad has been developed for each circuit separately as it was not possible to do everything together as in the model due to lack of space and in order to see it more clearly.

Step 3: Flow Diagram and Code:

In the image attached to this section you can see the flow diagram of the Arduino code. You can also find attached the code we have developed.

Step 4: Guide How to Build the Project:

Buy a 1200 x 800 mm wooden plank at Servei Estació or some place similar. For the wood coffin, draw the plans with the specific measures in Autocad and then proceed to use a laser cutter to cut all the parts. Use a silicone gun, tail and hinges to join the different pieces of wood and build the coffin. Your coffin is built!

Insert the Arduino on the base of the coffin and then proceed with the connection of the differents electronic parts as shown in the schematic of the electrical connections in Tinkercad. Attach the fan engine, the LED lights to the clown face with silicon and the photoresistor to the inner side of the wooden coffin with duct tape. You are ready to surprise other people with your Halloween Project!

Step 5: Conlcusions

In this project we have learned to combine different elements of Arduino creating different effects for this special occasion of the Halloween party. A coffin with Led lights that turn on and off with a photoresistor, which emits a song using the sound generator and with a fan to create a scarier effect... Combining electronics with Arduino hardware and a wooden structure that simulates a coffin is a fun way to learn how to write basic computer code and learn about different electronic features.

Project made by: Albert Almató, Carlos Muntañola and Jordi Savall

From Elisava, Barcelona.