Introduction: Halloween Cool Auto Entrance Gate

About: I'm french, I live in a house, I love build stuffs with K'nex and Arduino, I have a YouTube chanel, and i enoy building some devices for Halloween

This is the automatical sonorised entrance of my garden for the Halloween 2017.

This year for Halloween, I wanted to make a cool automatic entrance, so I've done this. Hope you enjoy. ^^

This is only a prototype, so I've don't made any instructions because the pieces are bad quality, and not sustainable. But I've made some explaination of how it's work.

Step 1: Electronic and Mechanical Parts

Image 1 : The motor parts for the door opening.

Image 2 : The trapdoor access.

Image 3 : View of the mecanicals parts wich move the skull head.

Image 4 : end track sensors.

Image 5 : The sound module.

Image 6 : The elctronic arduino control card.

I've used an Arduino Nano wich is attach to:

-a L293DNE H-bridge, wich control the movement of the head, linked to a 9 volts battery for the 9 volts motor.

-a L298N H-bridge, wich control the movements of the entrance gate, linked to a 12 volts battery for the 12 volts motor.

-the eyes LEDs of the skull.

-a big red button.

-a sound module.

-and 2 end-of-stroke sensors.

Step 2: How It's Work ?

When someone push the big red button, The head stand up, the eyes become red, and you can hear: "Wahaha ! Welcome ! Wahaha !"
The eyes are switching off, the head going down, and the 12 volts motor start to open the gate. When the gate trigger the first end-of-storke sensor, the motor is switching off, the Arduino wait 4 seconds, and the motor turn in the other direction. And finally when the gate trigger the second end-of-storke sensor the motor is switching off, and the system is waiting for someone else to push again the big red button.

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