Introduction: Halloween Costume: Ceiling Fan

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Give me a C give me a E give me a ILIN & G what's that spell. A adorable Costume. Hope you like it.

Step 1: What You Need

What you need is
A white shirt
Duck tape
Colorful tape for letters.

Step 2: The Shirt

Cut your tape out to form the letters GO CEILING.

Step 3: Pompoms Part 1

Cut out some cardboard 4x4 1/2. Now roll them both up and secure them with duck tape.

Step 4: Pompoms Part 2

Cut your newspaper in half and roll it up. Then you stick it in the cardboard roll you made in the last step. do this step with both halfs of the newspaper.

Step 5: Pompoms Part 4

Cut strips in the newspaper untill it like like picture 2.

Step 6: Great Job

Great job you are now a fan of the ceiling. Hope you enjoyed making it. Happy Halloween

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