Introduction: Halloween Cupcake Pullapart

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I love making cupcake pullaparts for my kids' school parties.(or any occaision) Cupcake pullaparts are great. You can make them as big or as small as you want. They have the convenience of cupcakes but you can make them look like a cool cake. To serve them you dont need a knife or plates.I do however recommend napkins.   : )  When it's  time to serve, simply grab a cupcake and serve.

I know everyone is busy,but that's what so great about this. You can make the broom, hat, pumpkins, and cat ahead of time. So have fun while your making it at your leisure. You may even decide to add a ghost or candy corn. Have fun with it. Thank you for checking out my instructable.

Step 1: Getting Started


Fondant / gumpaste
Airbrush Colors
Paintbrush (foodsafe)
Piping bag and tip #233
Foam block
Edibe foodwriter

To make the cupcake pullapart,first arrange the cupcakes how you want them to be on the board. Put a small amount of icing or piping gel on the bottom of each cupcake so they dont move around while you are icing it and transporting it. Frost the cupcakes.

Step 2: To Make the Broom and Hat

First take your skewer, lay it down and figure out how long you want the broom to be and how much of the the point you need to stick into the cupcakes. Cut off the excess skewer with scissors. Make a skinny "snake". Then flatten it with your rolling pin. Wrap the skewer and start to shape the broom handle. You will probably have to pinch or cut some of the fondant off. Either use a toothpick or one of your gumpaste tools to scratch some "wood grain" onto your handle. Now take a ball of fondant and flatten it and make the shape of the bristles. Cut some semi deep cuts into the fondant. Now poke the sharp part of the skewer through and push up to the wood handle of the broom. Now make alot more scratch marks into the fondant so it looks like your broom has a lot of bristles. Make a very small snake and wrap it around the top of the bristles, cut off and excess. Poke the broom into a piece of styrofoam to harden.

Start of with a sort of teardrop shape. Flatten the bottom portion, trying to keep it a round shape.Use one of your tools or a pen to sort of roll the rim a little thinner. The top of the hat should be round but come to a soft point on top. To give it character, make it a little crooked. You can use a circle cutter or cup to regain a circle for the rim. Once you get the shape you like. Make a thin ribbon to wrap the hat. Cut the excess off. To give the hat a little movement, put a few tools or pens or really anything just to kind of lift the tips of the rim untill it hardens.

Step 3:

 Paint the broom and hat. Let dry.To make the pumpkins,start off with 2 different size balls. I like to make one tall pumpkin and a more flat like one. Use a toothpick to make the dents on the pumpkins. Paint them and let dry. Form the stems on the piece of a toothpick, stick into the pumpkins and continue shaping them until you are happy. Paint and let dry.

Step 4: Final Touches

Make a little bit of green icing and prepare a piping bag with the grass tip #233. Pipe some grass where you want the pumpkins and/or cat. Now just place the cute things you made onto the cupcake pullapart. 

I thought it needed a little something more so I decided to make a black cat and made the pumpkins into jack o laterns. So I drew  faces on with edible marker. It didnt look as clean as I wanted so I grabbed a tiny paint brush and  went over it with black edible airbrush paint. For the cat I just used a cookie cutter and gumpaste. Then painted it black. (Just like i did in my stray cat strut cupcake instructable)It's time to serve and make people happy with halloween cupcuckes.   : )

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