Introduction: Halloween Decoration - Mummy - Project Geek #6

A very easy last minute project that you can finish in less than 2 hours.

Step 1: Materials

  • Cotton bandage from local pharmacy
  • Old newspapers
  • Metal Wire
  • Coffee powder
  • Tissue papers
  • Glue, Tape, Scissors and Pliers to cut the wire

Step 2: Procedure

  • Soak the cotton bandage in coffee powder and water to give the bandage an old look.
  • Bend the wire into a rough human skeleton shape. This wire will help retain the shape of mummy
  • Take old newspapers and wrap it around the metal skeleton.
  • Use lots of tape to hold the newspapers in place
  • Since the cotton bandage i have used was too transparent, i have wrapped the paper model with white tissue papers
  • You do not have to worry if its messy, because you will wrap it with bandage anyways
  • Now wrap the cotton bandage around the paper model. Let some of the loose ends hang, it give it an even more better look.

What I Learnt

  • Although cotton bandage was very cheap since it was too thin it did not give me the look i wanted. Either i would go for cotton bandage that is thick or would simple go with thin strips of white cloth in the future
  • I did not measure the body measurements correctly because of which the middle torso region was longer than normal. I would suggest you to make the metal skeleton by carefully measuring the body ratios.
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