Introduction: Halloween Dinner

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Step 1: Bloody Fingers

Cut off the one end as if the finger was torn off.

Fry in a skillet.

With a knife, carefully cut off a small layer of the sausage at the tip. This will be the area where the fingernail would be.

Right below the area where the fingernail will be make 3 small cuts on and again where the knuckle wold be.

Add a few drops of ketchup on the sausage, then place the “nail” on top, creating the finger.

Place fingers on a serving platter and put ketchup would be it is blood.

Step 2: Mini Pizza

Take pizza base and fill your favorite toppings. Next we take an olive, cut it and make insect.

In an oven for 20 minutes.

Mini pizza is complete.

Step 3: Spider Eggs

First, put the eggs in a pot of water. Boiling for 10 minutes. Take the eggs from the water, add food coloring to the water,then lightly tap them against a hard surface till cracks appear all over and cook for another 5 minutes.

Cut the olive in half lengthwise. Place half on the egg as the spider body.

Step 4: Haunted Bath

Peel an apple. With a knife on an apple we cut eyes and mouth.

Put an apple into the grog. For kids use pomegranate juice.

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