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Introduction: Halloween Door Bell

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Since its Halloween, we thought of creating a touchless door bell to scare the visitors. The bell will be triggered before they are even able to press the switch.

Step 1: The Items Which You Will Need

  • Mini USB Charger
  • 5V 1 Channel Relay Module
  • IR Obstacle Avoidance Sensor
  • Bell Switch
  • Casing to house the components
  • Wire Connector
  • Wires
  • Heat Shrink Tube or Electrical Tape

Step 2: Connecting Wires to the 5V USB Charger

Wires should be used to extend the mains input and the 5 Volt output so that it is easier to power the necessary modules.

BE CAREFUL when handling mains voltage power. I will bear no liability for your actions.

Step 3: Connecting the IR Avoidance Sensor and the Relay Module

The Positive 5 Volts from the USB charger should be connect to the VCC terminal of both the IR Avoidance Sensor and the Relay Module. The Negative from the USB charger should be connected to the GND (Ground) of both the modules.

The OUT from the IR Avoidance Sensor should be connected to the IN of the Relay module.

The small potentiometer can be used to adjust the distance at which the relay should be activated.

Step 4: Connecting the Bell to the Relay

Once the modules are correctly connected, the Bell can be connected to the Relay Switch. The neutral should go directly to the Bell but the Live should go through the relay so that it can be switched on and off properly.

BE CAREFUL when handling mains voltage power. I am not responsible for any of your actions.

Step 5: Closing the Cover and Testing

After all the components are properly connected, the cover can be placed back.

If the bell is triggered before the switch can be pressed, then everything is working perfectly.

Good Job

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