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Introduction: Halloween Finger Food

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You are invited to have a few horrors d'oeuvre...with just a ice cube tray and candy melts, treat your guests to creepy finger food!

What you'll need:

plastic ice cube tray (this one is from Dollar Tree)
white, chocolate, orange and red candy melts

Step 1:

Dollar Tree ice cube tray

Step 2:

Candy melts; I buy them in bulk from our grocery store, but any craft store will carry them.

Step 3:

For the bones
1. Melt white candy melts according to the directions, then fill mold

For the fingers
1. Melt white candy melts according to the directions.
2. Add in one chocolate melt and one orange melt and stir in.
3. Continue adding one of each until desired flesh shade, then fill mold.

Step 4:

Place mold in freezer until the candy is set, then release from the mold onto a plate.

Step 5:

Melt red candy melts according to the directions. Drip and drizzle onto the candy bones and fingers as desired.

Step 6:

Pop the plate into the freezer until the red candy melts have set and voila! Serve on a bloody paper doily; simply drip red food coloring onto the doily and let dry.

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    5 years ago

    This would be good with a filling like strawberry or something.