Halloween Flower Candy Corn Decor

Introduction: Halloween Flower Candy Corn Decor

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I live on the West coast and we had a really late summer this year. All my dahlia's are still up. I love to have fresh flowers on Halloween. If you don't have dahlia's use any other flower that is yellow, orange and red.
What you will need:
1. Some sort of greenery to fill vase
2. Small vase. You can use anything, but I used a tin one from dollar store.
3. Oasis to put flowers in. You can get at any homehardware that has garden section.
4. Candy corn
5. Orange twine.

Step one: Put oasis in container. Make sure there are no holes, plus go an inch higher than the container.
Step two: Place all your greenery in at an angle. Do not put straight up and down.
Step three: Place all your Dahlia's (or another flowers in laying them on the greenery) Keep spinning it, so all the flowers are at the same level:
Step four: Wrap twine around container.
Step five: Glue candy corn above the twine. It gives it a Halloween feel.

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