Halloween Forrest

Introduction: Halloween Forrest

Do you want to make a simple but scary Halloween display?  Make a scary trail with simple materials and products without breaking the bank.  We made this with sticks and simple decorations.

Step 1: Materials

For this project, You will need

• Lawn sticks (flexible posts typically green)
• Twigs
• Spider web cotton (glow in the dark)
Spirit webcaster gun
• Cable ties (preferably white)
• Black lights
• Thin deer stop grid (usually black)
• Power + splitters or extension cord
• Fog Machine + Chiller
• Carved pumpkins
• Sound effects and a way to play them - I used a iPod and some old computer speakers
• Extra decorations of your choice
• Wooden stakes

Step 2: Assembiling Forest

To begin your display, Gather sticks ((from trees) Not the plastic) and large branches from around your yard.  If you cannot find any, Neighbors would probable be thrilled to get rid of any.  Grab your yard sticks and stick them around your path.  Make sure to spread it out.  Then take your twigs/sticks and then use your cable ties to attach them into the yard sticks.  For examples on how to do that, see image note.  Next, take your Deer Stop and cover all twigs.   This will increase stability.  Then take the stretch spiderweb (cotton) and cover all of twigs.  Should form a barrier/wall. One placing items, try to remember that if it's dark out, and the spiderwebs glowing is the only light, then the webs will be your guide where to step.  Now, take the webcaster gun and cover the sticks as much as you can and for this project, We used two packs and that was enough to just lightly cover the project.

Step 3: Lighting and Effects

For the lighting, We took the black lights and clipped them to the wooden posts.   The sockets were cheap and were found at Home Depot by the light bulbs.

Step 4: Halloween

Happy Halloween. Place your candy at the end of the forest and scare. Your done!

Have Fun!

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    6 years ago

    Cool display. I do my own yard and then parents, sister and inlaws. My sister's yard is small and far away. I think ill do something like this there.1 hour up and 20 minutes down.


    Reply 6 years ago

    Yeah it's pretty simple but if it's lit right, it looks awesome.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Good idea for the netting/spiderweb combo! I think I'll try this!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! Comment a picture if you get a chance to do it. Also, don't forget the black lights! That is what gives it the real effect.