Introduction: Halloween Frame Wreath

I was creeping on pinterest one day and found a cute little christmas frame wreath and decided to try something similar to it with Halloween goodies :) I looks really nifty hanging on your door or walls and it's a little something different! So let's started shall we? First gather up your supplies (you can use different things to decorate the frame but this is what I decided on for mine):
-Picture frame (I highly recommened hitting up a Goodwill on 1/2 saturdays I ended getting a pretty decent size frame for on $2)
-Spray paint (Whatever color your little heart desires, I went with matte black buuuut I think red or orange would look pretty wicked too!)
-ribbon (optional)
-hot glue gun/super glue
-centereice (my skeleton dude) I find the best place to go is a halloween specialty store (like Spirits) they have better variety than places like Target
-spiders (got mine from spirits)
-rats (I got my rubber fellows from spirits but if you use them make sure to glue them down with super glue, hot glue doesn't do diddly squat!)
-bottome peice (my lil skeletons, I got those bad boys from the dollar store)
-bloody gauze or netting (I don't have it pictured because I went back in and added in late around the corners and before I could take a new photo the frame leaped off the wall sooooo I have to fix it)

Now it is time to get started!!!!!!!!

Step 1: The Frame

Now like I said earlier I would hit up a goodwill for some pretty nifty frames, it's cheaper and will be of no loss when hot glueing and painting, also the bigger the frame the better. Once you have acquired the afformentioned frame it is time to paint that bad boy! I used a matter black spray paint but any cool color would like (orange, green, purple, yellow, red, and even white), it really depends on what you want to do with the frame. I just kind of decided as I shopped for goodies on what I wanted in the frame so that's why I did mine black since it would look good with anything. Disassemble your frame (keep the glass though you never know what nifty crafts you could make (on second thought don't that's just the pack-rat in me talking!)!) and then spray that bad boy!

Step 2: Adding the Fixings

Alright now that your frame is all prettified, it’s time to get to decorating! I put my centerpiece on first (super glued his little stringy on the back of the frame) because again I just kinda went in without a plan. If you have an idea of what you want to do than I highly recommend maybe doing the outer stuff (the cobwebs and all that jazz) first because I kept flipping the frame back and forth to add things and my little dude kept getting away and annoying me. After I put in my centerpiece I separated my little hangmen (they were originally garland) and glues those little boogers to the back.

Step 3: Final Touches

After adding your centerpeices and other fixings, it is time to add the final touches! What I did was take cobweb and pull it over the corner of my fram and then went back and added my spiders to the webbing. After I went back and glued my little mice (again use super glue! I used hot glue and my cat waited until the suckers popped off and would take off with the darned things!). Once you are done with all your touches hang that bad boy up and admire your work! Just make sure to hang it up with something sturdy!

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