Halloween Greeting Card

Introduction: Halloween Greeting Card

Make a striking Halloween card for someone special!

This idea can also be used to make great Halloween decorations, just propping up this card on your desk will give some Halloween spirit to your space!

All you will need is some sturdy paper in contrasting colors, scissors or blades, glue, and an idea for an image!

Step 1: Image

Choose an image for the front of the card. Either draw it by hand, or copy from a print out* as shown here. To copy a printed image first cover the back of the image with graphite. Next, lay the print out on top of the paper onto which you wish to transfer the image. With a pen or pencil, firmly trace over all of the lines of the printed image. When you lift away print out, the graphite will have transferred to the bottom paper, leaving a carbon (or graphite, in this case) copy of the image. This does work on black paper as the silvery quality of the graphite will make it visible on black.

* You may choose to modify a design such as this to avoid copyright infringement.

Step 2: Cut

Using scissors or a sharp blade, cut out your image. Depending on the design, you may need to consider the negative space and how to keep everything connected; much like carving a pumpkin. Tweezers may come in handy when removing small cut away pieces.

Step 3: Adhere

Once the image is cut out, consider how to best adhere it to the card. I used hot glue for the larger areas and school glue on a tooth pick for the finer areas. If you have access to sticker making tools, that would be a great way to neatly apply the image. Tweezers may be useful for positioning the image on the card.

Step 4: Details

Consider adding interior details to your card, like this pumpkin. Using a pencil and ruler, draw a light line for text. Erase the line after writing the text in ink.

Step 5: Finish!

Check your card to make sure the image is securely adhered. Also, check for any stray strings of hot glue. Sign your name and the year on the back of your creation. Share your card with someone special!

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