Introduction: Halloween Inflatable With a Computer Fan

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Do you have an old computer sitting around? Do you have trash bags? Do you have leaves bags for Halloween? Do you have some Scotch tape?

Your computer may have a fan in it which you can use to inflate a prop of your design. The purpose of this instructable is to help guide you to make the basics. After that you can set your imagination go wild.

This is my first instrucable!

Step 1: Items You Will Need.

1.12v Computer Fan.
2.12v AC to DC power converter adapter
3. A switch. This will be used to turn on/off the device
4. Trash bags. Colorful to your needs. Or season leaf trash bags.
5. Scotch tape. Clear tape which you normally use for taping up gifts.

Step 2: Electrical Setup Diagram

The way I build this is to permanently connect the fan, switch, and the 12v AC/DC power converter. I spliced all the wires, and taped them up with electrical tape. See Image for a diagram.

***Note: Make sure you make a dry run and test it before sealing or taping the entire thing.

Step 3: Build Your Design

When I first started this. I decided to use a plain trash bag. I cut out what I did not wanted and kept the bag its self.

For this instructable, I will be using a leaf trash bag. This kept it simple. I decided to tape them together to create a tall standing inflatable.

Using scotch tape works great on trash bags.

Step 4: Putting It All Together

This is the best and most complicated step....HeeHee Putting it all together.

What I used, was a computer supply for my project. The one I had, the fan was on top. I also reused the power switch it already had to make the power on/off switch. You may have to look for this item some where else, or buy it; since a lot more computers do not have this setup any more. But if you find yourself with one, you are in luck. You can use the power supply as base.

Step 5: Completed Setup

This is my setup completed.

The fan is surprisingly quiet. And the whole project was used with materials I already had at home.

Side note, if you plan to place this outside, make sure that you weather proof this. The power switch and power adapter, can be rap with plastic to prevent water/moister to accumulate and causing a short.

This particular 7ft prop, did present problems. It had a tendency to lean. I plan to set it up against the wall when its time for trick or treaty.

A lower and wider presentation prop should not have the problem I had experienced.

The best part for this, if you have time and trash bags, you can design your own and build it. Better than buying the one in the store, and looking like the neighbors.