Introduction: Halloween Invite 2015

This Halloween Invitation for 2015 is based on the idea of an "Airfix" or model kit frame for building your own Frankestein. On this it was just for effect but you could totally make this fix as a kit.

Machinery - Denford Laser using UCP software and illustrator CC 2014.

For the materials I used, 2mm MDF board (I tried 3mm Laserply but was too brittle for the finer detail) and 300GSM card for the box lid and base. The PDF's for the box cutters are included as PDF's just resize to your chosen box and glue together.

Step 1: Model Kit

First of all and the most important part you will need a design. I took inspiration from the models I could find either for airplanes, tanks or railway kits. You will need to create small joins for each piece and remember to weld any shapes together as you need to make sure the right negative space falls out.

Step 2: Laser Time

Next you need to use the 2mm MDF substrate but before you laser the wood make sure you paint the surface with a paint that will soak into the surface. I used acrylic which was to hand, firstly brushing this on and then rubbing the surface to make it soak in.

Next transfer the design on to a laser cutter, you will need to make sure the laser is set to 2.2mm material depth to cut as this was the perfect setting I found to allow the pieces to drop out easily. When the laser etches your design now contrasts better due to the coating of wood first.

Step 3: Box

Once you have your lasered model kit (by the way I made mine A5 148x105mm) then create a box to hold the design. I decorated the box with this design prior to cutting this out. However, you can easily cut out your design and find a pre-made box to stick a label on to.

Attached to this step is the cutters for a lid and base for you to use.

Step 4: Invitation

Lastly drop an invitation inside the box, I used the above design which married in with the other elements.

Happy Halloween!

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