Introduction: Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Candle Holder

This candle holder can light up your whole front porch with a spooky orange glow, and welcome little trick or treaters on Halloween! Its a fun craft to do with kids, and to get them in that Halloween spirit!

Step 1: Materials

To create the jack-o-lantern candle holder,
you will need:
~ Scissors
~ Two 24" long pieces of green ribbon
~ Pencil
~ Black and orange acrylic paint
~ Gloss varnish
~ Small thin paint brush
~ Large thick paintbrush
~ Tea light ( Or whatever size fits in your jar )
~ Jar ( Any size, try and find a jar without designs on the oustide because it won't work as well )

Step 2: First Coat

Take your orange paint and use your large paint brush and give your jar one even coat.
Let dry.

Step 3: Second Coat

Once your jar is fully finished drying, apply a even second coat. If your paint starts to peel, you didn't wait long enough for the bottom coat to dry. Let dry.
Some paints don't come out as thick as others, so in some cases apply a third coat, but don't over do it, because you need the candle to shine through it.

Step 4: Pencil on a Design

Once your paint is FULLY dried, draw your own design of a face on the jar with a pencil. Mine wasn't dried long enough, so it scraped away, so I fixed it up.

Step 5: Fill In

Now take your thin paint brush and dip it in some black paint to fill in the face you drew. Once its fully dried, take a black fine tip permanent marker and draw along the areas that need touching up.

Step 6: Gloss

Now apply the gloss to the jar. Add as many coats as you like, I used one because my gloss is thick.

Step 7: Vine

Now take one of your green ribbons and double knot it around the jar. Take your scissors and curl the ends.
Take your other ribbon, and curl it with your scissors and you should be able to slip it under the double knotted ribbon and tie it onto it.
This should represent the vines

Step 8: Light It!

Now insert the candle, and light away!
Put it wherever you please, and now turn off the lights!
Just a couple more of these and you can decorate your house and porch for a festive Halloween!
Make all of them have different faces to make a variety.
Hope you enjoyed!

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