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Introduction: Halloween Light Show

About: I'm a DIY guy. I love to build stuff, fix stuff, or take stuff apart. I also love Halloween!!

Halloween light show. Everyone loves it! You'll have that awesome Halloween house that everyone stops and looks at!

Step 1: Buy Light O Rama Light Controller

Unless you are an awesome programmer it is much easier to buy the controller. I am a DIY kind of guy and I tried programming a show with Arduino. It was much easier and saved a lot of time buying the controller pre built.

You can buy the controller here:


You can find them cheaper on ebay. Search "light o rama controller.

Step 2: Download Program

Light o rama has a very user friendly program that allows you to create your light show specific to your home.

Get the starter package here:


Step 3: Use Your Imagination

Once you have created your show you get it set it up.

For my show I have 16 led spot lights and 8 rgb flood light. Lots of skeletons, coffins, pumpkins, tombstones. All the good stuff. I transmit the music to radio signal. You can buy an fm transmitter on amazon or ebay for about $20-$30 for a good one. Here are somemore shows, enjoy:

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    5 years ago

    I love the light show and is so awesome who did it so coolest thing ever


    6 years ago

    I love light shows! This is awesome!