Halloween Mini-Martians-Floral

Introduction: Halloween Mini-Martians-Floral

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I made these little guys for our Martian Invasion Halloween party, all from stuff you'd find at the dollar store. The brilliant Gisele then took them to the next level, incorporating them into her fantastic floral arrangements for the party. 

The heads are paper maiche over egg-shaped styrofoam forms, repurposed from some clearance Easter ornaments. I carved the eye sockets and covered each in 4 layers of colored tissue paper to add depth of color and texture.

I rolled 2 of the heads in white glue and covered them in oatmeal and lentils to make them extra-textured.  All were painted with basic craft paint, then with various cheapie nail polishes to add glitter and irridescence. The eyes were further outlined with black dimensional craft for extra depth.

I staked the heads on bamboo skewers, using bottle caps and repurposed mouse pad pieces for the "necks."

The bodies are various shampoo and lotion bottles from the dollar store 'beauty' aisle, emptied, weighted, then covered with alumnium foil and detailed with dimensional craft paint. The arms are cheap sunglasses I deconstructed, using aluminum tape to adhere them (found it best for adhering to foil). The mouse pad material is used on their gloves.  The "helmet" is a repurposed CFL package.  A couple also wore "battery packs," made of electrical tape-covered AAA batteries, also affixed with aluminum tape.

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