Halloween Miniature Scene

Introduction: Halloween Miniature Scene

Happy Halloween Everyone!  This year I wanted to do something extra special to dress up my kegerator so I decided to dress it up with a detailed miniature Halloween scene.

I used a very simple set of materials and carved most of it out of foam board.  The figures I picked up from Michaels when they were on sale last year and wanted to spruce up the background.

I only took detailed pictures of creating the first one, but they were all done the same way.  I also put LED lights and the temperature sensor display in the gravestone but I will not be going over the Arduino code used in this tutorial.

Step 1: Materials Used

The items you will need for this project can easily be picked up at most arts and crafts store.  The only thing you will need to pick up at a home depot will be the foam baord.

Materials used were:
Foam Board (this is typically used for insulation)
Hobby knife or box cutter
Adhesive (I also used a hot glue gun since I am impatient waiting for most glue to dry)
Acrylic Paint
Pant brushes
Small hobby wood blocks

Step 2: Cutting & Organizing the Scene

One of the easiest things to create was the brick wall.  Simply cut the foam board into small rectangular blocks and then shave down the sides to make them rounded.  

Next I did a simple gravestone in the back of the scene.  It's not to scale, but I would rather have the emphasis of the size.

After shaping the bricks I decided that I should use some of the small wooden pieces to make a stone walkway.  I got this idea from the WarMachine instructable which I saw on this site.  If you are interested in a great example of building miniature terrain, you should check it out.

Also, feel free to sketch out the design on foam board because we will be painting over it.  

Next you will be putting adhesive glue over all of the area you want to have a grass or gravel texture.  Then just pour sand onto it and let it dry.

Step 3: Painting & Decoration

Next we need to add the base coat or primer to the model.

After the sand is dried, knock off any loose bits.  I chose to use Gesso as the base coat.  Honestly, I have no idea why other than the person at the craft store told me to.

I applied a thick coat of a black base since I wanted to give it a darker feel.  After the base coat is painted you want to get into the detail.

The stone was quite easy to do by just dry brushing a very small amount of grey.  For the grass area I did 2 light coats of different color green.  

Finally, after the paint is dried, I used small bits of moss which you can pick up at a hobby store or many plant shops.

I added a few other accessories that I founds at the store or from previous halloween decorations.

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