Introduction: Halloween Monster Blocks

Using 4x4 blocks, I made these three cute little Halloween Monsters.

Step 1: Witch

For my witch, I painted her green across the top 2/3 of the block and painted black across the bottom 1/3. I added a strip of burlap, hot gluing it in place with an orange button, painted the eyes and then hot glued on strips of tricotine (yarn, twine or anything would work really).

Step 2: Mummy

For my mummy I just painted the block white, wrapped it in muslin strips, glued them on and painted two little eyes.
So easy. He's my favorite.

Step 3: Franky

For Franky here I painted the whole block green, hot glued on sections of black felt and cut the sides to look more like mangled hair.
I pushed in two push pins on the side and painted on stitches and eyes and he was done.

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