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Introduction: Halloween Nails

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Trick or treat! If you're in need of some quick polishing, Halloween-style, look no further. Listed here are some easy and festive Halloween manicure ideas. Let's get your digits spook-tacular.

Step 1: Bloody

Paint nails with a couple coats of white or clear.

Using a toothpick, draw on your blood at the tips. I couldn't find any toothpicks, but did have some extra birthday candles lying around that actually worked perfectly!

Step 2: Monsters

Paints nails Frankenstein-green

With a fine-tipped black polish pen (or toothpick and a steady hand) draw on the hair around the cuticle. Fill in.

Add X's for eyes and a stitched in looking mouth.

Step 3: Jack-o-lantern

Paint nails orange

Using a toothpick, fine-tipped brush, or candle, draw on black triangles for eyes, and squiggles for mouths. Have fun and mix it up with each finger!

Step 4: Chattering Skulls

This one's the most challenging of the set, but I was able to do it and I'm certainly no expert.

Paint nails black.

On one hand, paint the top of the skulls. Fill in white circles extending to the tips. Once dry, use your fine-tipped brush and paint on the eye and nose sockets. Along the tips of the nails, make tiny dashes as the spaces between the teeth, then draw a black line above to finish out the gumline.

On the other hand, draw a thick white line a bit below the tip of the nail. Then add little white dashes on the tip and you've finished the bottom of the jaw. Depending on the length of your nails, draw 3-4 small dots as the vertebrae. Make small white dashes on both sides as ribs, leaving one dot along the jaw as the "neck"

And you're done!

Step 5: Other Ideas

Some other ideas include candycorn, ghosts, zombies, cobwebs, and anything else spooky!

Have a fun Halloween, and feel free to comment with pictures of how your nails turned out.

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    3 years ago on Introduction

    that is so very cool, do you have a barbershop quartet routinge yet?


    7 years ago

    That is really cool and creative I'm going to do that


    These are the cutest nails ever! o.o I love them! It would take me way too long to do them though ... ^^;;


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Looks awesome! I can't believe Lee didn't go for the candy corn nails.