Halloween Phone Charger With Adjustable Power




Introduction: Halloween Phone Charger With Adjustable Power

This Is a halloween scary charger that also charges plugged out of the ac socket...

Just make it to do a prank on your friends...

Please comment your suggestions and feedback...

Step 1: Materials Required

Here Is A list of materials you need to buy to start this simple project:-

After Buying These just ready to start work on this project..

Step 2: Dismantle the Charger..

Open The Charger By Unscrewing It...

And Then Just take Out The PCB

If You Want To use usb from this cut it out safely without harming its port and place the pcb aside we don't need it...

you can also buy a usb port from a local hardware shop...

Step 3: Circuit

First Connect two wires with the usb port

Then connect two wires with the led

Sorry for the circuit diagram u have to connect led and usb parallel...

use 4 3v lithium ion coin cells in series...

attach the + Wire from battery to switch then to a 100k resistor or potentiometer...then this to led and usb positive..

attach the - wire from battery to led and usb -Check once with multimeter that how much volts are coming to usb make it to 5v with potentiometer...

Step 4: Attaching to PCB..

Attach the components like LED AND USb to PCB...

And secure them safely With The Glue gun and soldering apparatus...

Step 5: Drilling Holes for Pot and Button..

Drill holes for the potentiometer and button..as shown in pics....

Step 6: Closing...

Securely put the components inside the charger using glue gun...Put enough glue to make it shock proof..

Step 7: Designing ...

Make The project look more zombistic by adding tapes and zombie stickers..

Leave some wires outside it to show that its weird...

Customize it in your own way and add many other things in it....

View the video attached to see our result and get inspired for halloween..

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    Ooo that's a cool project for a halloweened themed household. I love the eery blue glow.