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Introduction: Halloween Photo Editing

Welcome to My Halloween Photo Editing Tutorial, Hope you will enjoy editing your own photo. Enjoy!

Step 1: Images Used for Editing

Step 01

Identify the reference images and your photo, Here I have googled few image as reference.

Step 2: Step 2

Step 02

Select Color Range under "Select" tab. ref. 02.jpg

Step 3: Step 3

Step 03

Set Fuzziness to 21, Shift Click on the grey background until you get a nice selection, If the you got the character selection don't worry at this point you can deselect that with the lasso tool after. Hit ok to select the unwanted region. ref. 03.jpg

Step 4: Step 4

Ensure that you have cleaned up the unwanted selection with lasso tool. Go to Modify under "Select " tab select Feather or you can even use the short cut key (Shift + F6) if you are using photoshop CS5. ref. 04.jpg, 05.jpg

Step 5: Step 5

Apply 2px feather to the selection ref. 05.jpg

Ensure you got a fairly cleaned foreground character image. ref 06.jpg

Step 6: Step 6

Select the character layer placed above the background image. Hit CTRL + L for Level adjustments fine tune the image till you get a sync with the background image. Ref. 06.jpg

Step 7: Step 7

Select Smudge tool and modify the strenght to 100% ref. 07.jpg

Step 8: Step 8

Lift Eyebrow and forehead. Tweak nose lips and ears as you desired Ref 09.jpg, 10.jpg, 11.jpg

Step 9: Step 9

Well now you have a nice character with minimal creature looks! :D Ref. 12.jpg

Select Clone tool from the tool box and the reference creature images from your image library, well if you don't have one.. Google it

Alt click on the area you need to copy on the source image, Always ensure that you work in layers!

Step 10: Step 10

Change the mode to Multiply, You can try out various modes of your choice. Ref 13.jpg

Step 11: Step 11

Lets get her nice ears now! Select ear from the reference image, cut it with lasso tool and Transform accordingly so as to match with the character. You may need to tweak the Levels (CTRL + L) and use Hue and Saturation adjustments to match color tone (CTRL + U) After the adjustments take a copy of the ear and flip it "Horizontal" for the other ear Ref 14.jpg, 15.jpg

Step 12: Step 12

Select the "eyes' using lasso tool and adjust the tone to red. Make sure that you have selected "Colorize" 
Now let's change the mode to color burn. Try any mode an colors you desired to work with. 

Step 13: Step 13

Please free to use different reference images of you choice, Use you Imagination. Sky is not the limit...

Step 14: Step 14

Merge all layers to the master character layer. Fine tune the image with Levels and Hue to match with the backgrounds. Ref 19.jpg

Flip the background to match with the character lighting ( arrow indicates the light source) you may need to modify the bounce light coming from the other end too with lasso tool. Use a larger feather to get a clean adjustment

Here you go! You have a beautiful Halloween Image of your own :D

Happy Halloween Enjoy!!!

Step 15: Step 15

Final Image!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    This is absolutely fabulous! Keep up the great work!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Let me know how you feel about this beginner tutorial... Soon I will post next level of creature design tutorial here....