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This Costume took me months from actually narrowing down what i wanted to be all the way down to me waiting for the contact lens to come in the mail.  I purchased an Avatar costume from a local Halloween store but i only use the tail and the mask.  I cut the mask and only used the ears to strap around my head. I got the fangs, wig, jewelry and makeup from the local Halloween store.  I watched a ton of Youtube makeup tutorials to get a good idea of how do paint my face.  Each layer of paint i put on i had to let dry and then put another one on just so everything was even and smooth, very time consuming.  The whole process of getting ready took over four hours but the hardest part was putting in the contact lenses that i ordered on line.  I never put anything in my eyes before but it had to be done to make the costume stand out.  I did all the makeup myself except for a part of the back that i could not reach.  All the different element of the costume really came together just like i pictured it.  At the party it was a big hit and everyone wanted to take pictures with me.  I would do it again but once a year is enough !!!

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