Introduction: Halloween Pita Pizzas!

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These are really cheap and easy pizzas that you can serve at parties or for the kids in your life. Plus they taste just as amazing as the real thing with hardly any work! :D

They take very little preparation and you can vary the ingredients as much as you like... plus everyone gets to be creative and make their own! Faces are optional, but I think it's a really neat thing to do.

This will also keep you from being stuck alone in the kitchen while everyone else hangs out in a separate area, which I love. I always end up stuck in the kitchen while everyone else has fun. :P

Step 1: Gather the Hardware and Software.

- Mozzarella cheese (I always buy it by the pound. num num num.)
- Pizza sauce
- Assorted toppings: olives, pepperoni, onion, pepper, mushrooms, etc.
- Flat pita bread
- Knives for cutting ingredients into shapes
- Cookie sheet for baking
- An awesome pumpkin oven mitt
- An oven set to 450 F
- Your imagination

Okay, I admit that I chose the Don Pepino pizza sauce because the packaging was brilliant... but wow, best pizza sauce ever! It's really tangy and just the right consistency. I did add a little more oregano to my pizza, but I'm an oregano fiend. :D

Step 2: Saucy!

Put a piece of the pita bread on the cookie sheet and spread on the sauce. At this point, you might want to add additional oregano. Mmmm, oregano. :D

Make sure to leave a little of the crust blank around the edges. Makes it easier to eat and nicer to look at!

I didn't measure how much sauce I put on. Just put as much as you like!

Step 3: Cheesy!

Put on as much cheese as you like. As you'll see in the next step, Jason likes way more than I do.

Don't worry about getting it everywhere because it will spread out when it's in the oven. :D

Also - don't feel like you can only use mozzarella! You can use cheddar as well, or a mixture of different cheese. Play around with it!

Step 4: Toppings-y!

Now it's time to get creative. Make faces on your pizza. Cut different shapes from your ingredients or use them as they are. Maybe even write scary messages!

I tend to make all my faces surprised or happy. Jason likes making creepy or angry ones. :P

The picture in this step is the "before" baking one. Keep in mind that things might move in the oven due to the melting of the cheese. Make sure your face is set up well, or it might run everywhere!

Step 5: Burn, Pizza, Burn!

Now it's time to put your pizzas in the oven.

Make sure the oven is heated to 450 F. You'll leave them in there for at least five minutes. You want the cheese to be nice and melty and the pita to be nice and crusty. :D

Step 6: Commence the Devouring of Souls... or Pizzas.

Admire your masterpieces and then eat them. And then perhaps make more!