Introduction: Halloween Prank: DIY Head in a Jar

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Here’s an easy way to creep out your coworkers, friends and family with a DIY trick you can create using Photoshop, your printer and some water-resistant media.

We created a 3-D effect image using Photoshop and printed it on LexJet Production Display Film, which has water-resistant properties without lamination. You could also laminate your print for additional durability.

Mix up the chemical “solution” with water and food coloring in the jar and insert the image. “Preserve” it by storing it the refrigerator for all to see!


  • Three photos, straight-on and both profiles
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Printer
  • LexJet Production Display Film (Water-resistant media)
  • Large jar
  • Food coloring
  • Water

Step 1: Take Photos

Against a plain background, take photos with your subject straight-on and both profiles.

Step 2: Open in Photoshop and Remove Background

Open all three images in Photoshop and remove the background, so the "Head" is silhouetted in each.

Step 3: Enlarge Canvas Size and Combine

Enlarge the canvas size of straight-on image to be wide enough to match the circumference of the jar you're using. Then drag the profile images in front so that the noses are all pointing to the center.

Step 4: Flip Profiles & Align

So that the lighting matches, select the two profile layers and go to Transform » Flip Horizontal. Then use guides to align the three images.

Step 5: Add Layer Mask & Erase Profile Edges

Add a Layer Mask to the profile layers and blend into the straight-on image by using a soft edge on the eraser tool to erase the edge of the profile layers.

Step 6: Save File & Flatten Image

Once aligned and blended, save your work as a PSD file and then select Flatten Image in the Layers Palette.

Step 7: Crop to Fit Jar Size

Next crop your image tightly around the "Head" to fit the jar you're using.

Step 8: Clone Hair & Neck

Using the Clone tool with a soft egde, clone the hair and neck to blend the three together.

Step 9: Save & Print

Save the flattened image as it's own print file and then print the image on water-resistant media such as LexJet Production Display Film. An alternative method is to use lamination for making your print water-resistant.

Step 10: Fill Jar With Water & Add Food Coloring

Now that your print is ready, fill the jar with water and add a few drops of food coloring to make it look aged and then shake it gently to mix.

Step 11: Insert Print & You're Good to Go!

Coil your water-resistant print and insert it into the jar with water.

Now you're good to go! Happy Halloween Pranking!

Step 12: Step-By-Step Video

If you'd like to watch how we created the 3-D image in Photoshop, here's our step-by-step instructional video.

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