Introduction: Halloween Pumpkin Boy

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If you could create your very own 3D print monster, what would it look like? Halloween Pumpkin Boy may be a typical unmissable Halloween toy.

Step 1: Printing Settings

In all 4 stl files you could set the best resolution for the best result, for a better painting effect. The supports may not so hard to remove, then try to assemble it before your paint.

Step 2: Base Primer

A base primer can add a lot tinting strength of your model. So spread a layer of 360 degree base primer first. Due to the main light-color better use white primer.

Step 3: Yellow Under Paint

Dilute yellow with some paint thinner, pour into your airbrush.Shake well to make sure the pigment won't jam the brush. Padding the face part and the body.

Step 4: Add a Little Red Into the Palette

Add a little red into the palette. Then repeat the 3rd step, spray a wide range and cover the sunken part.

Step 5: Darken the Sunken Parts

Add more red and keep modulating till the yellow turn into orange. Then cover a thinner range on the sunken part. The pumpkin skin is finished now.

Step 6: Clear the Reflect Light Effect

You may find the surface is a little bit bright. So we need to reduce that effect to strengthen more stereoscopic impression.

Step 7: Hooded Overcoat and Green Hair

Simply draw some green on the yellow hair. And spray the overcoat and shoes with dark blue.

Step 8: Light the Eyes

Modulate white & yellow to highlight the pumpkin's eye.

Step 9: Lantern and the Stick

Paint pure green on the lantern, then brush some light yellow. Spray pure black on the stick. (Brush the cross with black as a base color)

Step 10: Color the Cross to Finish

Paint a layer of silver on cross, and you can also DIY some individual patterns if you like. Take free-rein creation and enjoy your own Halloween pumpkin :)

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