Halloween Pumpkin Face Book Template

Introduction: Halloween Pumpkin Face Book Template

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Can't think of a face for your Jack-O-Lantern? I couldn't either, so I made this handy booklet to help me out. Flip through the pages to create over 100 faces.

Step 1: Print 4 Pages

Step 1: Print each page of the pumpkin templates on 8 1/2 x 11 card stock. You’ll have 14 individual cards, including front and back cover.

Step 2: Trim Each Card and Punch Holes

Trim out each card with scissors or an X-acto knife and starting at black edge, cut each card — excluding the front and back cover — along dotted lines. Punch three holes along the edge of each card, including the front and back cover.

Step 3: Score Fold

Turn each card over and score lightly with an X-acto blade, 5/8″ from the edge of hole-punched side. (This will help the booklet flip better.) Be sure to not cut all the way through! Fold flap towards front.

Step 4: Stack Cards and Weave Ribbon

Stack all cards together (no particular order is necessary). Thread ribbon through top and bottom holes, turn card over and place both pieces of ribbon in middle hole and pull through front. Tie a knot or bow:

Step 5: Start Flipping!

Flip through your booklet, separating each piece to create more than 100 different pumpkin faces!

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