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Introduction: Halloween Robot Quilted Wall Hanging

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I made this quilted wall hanging based on Jonnybo111's drawing.

First I taped the drawing to a window and traced through on the back of the paper - this reversed all the parts. Then I traced each part onto bondaweb, a heat fusible adhesive that comes as paper-backed sheets, cut each shape out roughly and labelled it as to which colour it should be. After digging through my fabric boxes I found sufficient suitably coloured pieces of fabric and fused the bondaweb to the correct colours. Each piece was then cut out accurately and fused to tjhe background fabric. Once the fusing was done I stited more details onto robot and then the rivets on his pumpkin were hand drawn by Jonnybo111. After all this the candies were cut out from a piece of novelty fabric and fused in place.

The border was made from 2.5" squares of Halloween fabric stitched into long strips which were then attached to the main fabric piece. The batting in this is cotton bump interlining, usually used to insulate curtains, but I find it ideal for quilts that will be hung on the wall. With black thread I free motion quilted right next to robot's body and then changed to purple to meander around the background. The binding was machine sewn to the back and then turned to the front and machine sewn to fix it in place. The border was channel quilted with black thread.  On the back I added triangles in the corners using this method to make it easy to hang.

Overall finished size is 24" x 36"

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