Introduction: Halloween Rubik's Cube 2×2

My Submission for the Halloween contest.

Step 1: How to Make It!

  1. It is recommended to get 3-foot by 3-foot box.
  2. Cut head hole
  3. Paint (Use a picture of a Rubik's For help
  4. Cut all other holes you need

Also Note: Cutting out the entire bottom is your best bet. It makes it easier to walk if it is.

Materials: Paint, Painters Tape(For Black Lines, Optional), Box, Knife, Compass (I used a compass to cut out the hole for the head)

Hi! Just to let you know, it is best to cut a section as the front for the candy "Inserter". But don't cut it out. Just cut it to make a door, so it can be closed and opened.

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