Halloween Silly Slime

Introduction: Halloween Silly Slime

Halloween is almost here. Next to candy and costumes, slime is the best addition to your festive fun. WARNING: Because the recipe requires the use of non-edible ingredients, this project is not recommend for young children.

Step 1: Buy Ingredients

  • Purchase a 4 ounce bottle of Elmer’s ™ white glue, a box of borax, and food coloring of your choice.
  • Wear an apron to avoid staining clothes.
  • Cover your workspace with a towel to avoid staining the counter.
  • Place two medium-sized bowls, a measuring cup, measuring spoons, and a regular spoon on top of the towel.

Step 2: Mix Ingredients

  • Pour 1 cup of water into one of the bowls.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of borax to the water
  • Stir until the borax has completely dissolved
  • Pour the 4 ounce bottle of Elmer’s ™ white glue into the second bowl

Step 3: Add Color

  • Choose what color you want your slime to be.
  • Add as much or as little food coloring as you like into the glue and water mixture. More drops of food coloring will create a deeper shade.
  • Stir the food coloring into the mixture until the color is evenly mixed.

Step 4: Combine the Mixtures

  • Pour the borax and water mixture into the bowl containing the glue, water, and food coloring.
  • Stir the mixture for about 5 minutes.
  • The texture will begin to thicken, but do not be alarmed if there is still colored water that has not turned into slime yet. Because of the borax, you will smell a slight odor.

Step 5: Knead Slime

  • Set the spoon to the side and begin to knead the slime like pizza dough.

Towards the beginning, the slime will be very flexible, but the slime will gradually become more like putty.

Step 6: Store Slime

  • Store your slime in a sealed Ziploc bag in the refrigerator. This will prevent the slime from molding and will keep the slime from evaporating. The slime will last about 2-3 weeks. The slime is not edible and should not be left on surfaces that could be stained by the food coloring.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Ooey, gooey, nasty Halloween slime! Nicely done.

    I need to make some of this with my kids. It looks like a lot of fun!

    You should enter this into the First Time Author Challenge. :)


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you,Seamster! This was for a class project for technical writing,so I really appreciate your nice comment.

    P.S.-I did revise it some,so it now looks a little different. :)