Introduction: Halloween Skull Makeup

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Every year I do skull makeup. You can do it too!

Step 1: Shave Your Head.

You can do it the same day, the day before or leave your hair on. I usually get drunk and do it. Make sure you do your shopping, banking and pick up anything you need before you put on the makeup. Lots of stores have a no mask policy. I've been kicked out of more than one store!

Step 2: Put on the Base.

Put on a shirt you don't care about and dump a blob on your head. Rub it on evenly then pat all over your head to make it look even. Go relax for half an hour. It needs to dry before you add to it.

Step 3: Start Shading.

Shade your cheekbones, eyes, nose.

Step 4: Line Work.

Liquid eyeliner is next. This one has a little wheel but usually I get the one with a tiny brush.

Step 5: Shade the Lines.

Draw a light line with one of the makeup crayons beside an eyeliner line. Smear it away from the line making a shadow. Repeat all over feel free to swap colors. A touch of yellow on the teeth, a little blue, a little green.

Step 6: Finishing Touches.

Shade under your chin, smudge it and swap shirts. Done! Go party!!

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