Halloween Snow Globe




Introduction: Halloween Snow Globe

This project was created by Jennifer Perkins for iLoveToCreate.

When I laid eyes on Martha Stewart's Baby Food Jar Snow Globes years ago, my crafty heart went all aflutter. I was always smitten on the idea and swore that one day when I had a baby I too would use my jars creatively. Well here we are years later and I'm ready for action. I typically make my own baby food, but I do keep a few jars around the house for meals out and on the go. Nothing says that all snow globes have to have a Christmas theme? What about Halloween? I thought this often slighted holiday deserved a snow globe of it's very own. Grab some empty jars and handful of other supplies and follow along with today's edition of I Love to Create.

Step 1: Supplies

Small Jars without labels
Liquid Fusion Glue
Decorative Halloween Ribbon
Tulip Fashion Glitter
Distilled Water
Small Halloween Trinkets
Aleene's Fast Grab Tacky Glue

Finding just the right Halloween themed trinket to go inside your snow dome can be the trickiest part about this easy project. Michaels had a whole slew of figurines from their "Spooky Town Collection". I opted for a trick-or-treating pirate and Dracula.

Step 2: Attach Your Trinket

Once you have chosen your figurine using Liquid Fusion Glue, which is water proof, attach your trinket to the lid of the jar. Allow to dry completely.

Step 3: Add Ribbon

I could have left my jars plain, but why when decorative Halloween ribbon was on clearance? Using Aleene's Fast Grab Tacky GlueI covered the lid and attached fun ribbon. Not only does it give the snow globe a little more visual interest it also covers brand names like "Earth's Best" on the baby food jars.

Step 4: Fill Your Snow Globes

Once all the glue is dry it is time to fill up your snow domes. Fill your jar almost completely full with distilled water, add a wee little bit of glycerin (I found mine on the soap aisle of Hobby Lobby) and a sprinkle of Tulip Fashion Glitter.

Step 5: Screw on Your Lid

Screw your lid on tight. You could even add a little Liquid Fusion Glue to the rim to make sure it never comes unscrewed again. Tip your globe over and let it snow glittery faux blood on Drac and creepy black rain on the Trick-or-Treater!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome, thanks for sharing! I found some old baby food jars in the basement. Daughter is 19.5 yrs. now! Wow, I don't throw much away! There is a time and place for everything (to be re-cycled) I always say! Love your Halloween ideas. Valentines Day ,Easter, and many other holidays are great for these snow-globe thingys.!!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I did not know they made this type of glue! So happy you shared this! thanks for sharing your hard work! Have a splendorous day!