Introduction: Halloween Solar Lights

Halloween Themed Solar Outdoor Lights

Step 1: Gather Supplies

1. Hollow plastic decoration of your choice. (It doesn't have to be a pumpkin. Plastic is better for letting light through, and it is usually safer.)

2. Solar stake light (I prefer the cheapest Walmart ones like these...)
Walmart #: 551425646

3. Drill (any drill is fine for this weak plastic)

4. Step Drill Bit (mine was $8 on sale, you can also just use a 3/4 inch regular drill bit, but this is easier if you get a different size stake for some reason, cheap bits are fine because it's only plastic)

5. Find a work area where plastic shavings can drop safely and be cleaned up easily.

Step 2: Drill Holes in the Bottom

Drill holes in the bottom of the pumpkin decoration. Make sure you get the same size hole as the width of the stake. A snug fit is better, but if you go to big then just put a zip tie below the decoration on the stake.

BE CAREFUL! Do not push so hard that you jab yourself with the drill bit when it pierces the plastic.

Note: If the decoration doesn't have a hole in the top or its not big enough, just cut it wider or drill it out. That's why I used pumpkins and not skulls.

Step 3: Slide Onto Stake

Slide the decoration onto the led light stake. It should be a snug fit! If not, add a zip tie on the bottom.

Step 4: Enjoy Solar Powered LED Halloween Lights!

You can place them in the yard or put them on the fence, or in a bucket in the window. you can even take them off the stake and place them along the window or fireplace mantle.

Note: The battery won't charge if the solar panel on top doesn't get adequate sunlight. If it stops working just set it outside in direct sunlight for a day to recharge.

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