Introduction: Halloween Tombstone

This is the Halloween tombstone that you will be making. The sculls in the bottom's eyes light up different colors

Materials you will need:

Velleman MK Flashing LED kit ($2.99)

Foxnovo Breadboard Jumper wires 1 pin 10CM Male to Female Jumper Cables ($4.99)

Tombstone prop ($1)

We bought ours at a local dollar tree

One 9 volt battery ($7.95)

Step 1: Putting Together Your Kit

While the pictures are great on the package there are few things that you still have to be careful of when putting this together. For instance make sure that both the oranges are in the middle and the reds on the outside.


Do not attach the normal lights that come with the kit.

Step 2: Using the Cables.

There are more then one scull that you are using so there will be more then two eyes. You must use the cables that are provided in the instructions and attach them in place of the lights on the bored. Remember the positive ends go to the outside of the bored and the negatives go to the middle.

Step 3: Attaching the Lights

Next, you will have to attach the lights to your tombstone. Now ours was Styrofoam we could just poke the lights through the eyes but if yours is made of any other material that you can't get through you will have to drill through it.

Step 4: This Is What the Full Prject Should Look Like

After finishing all of these steps you should have something that looks something like this, I linked this to a video.