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I was so overwhelmed by the views and comments, so I decided to post another make up look for Halloween. I didn't take as much photos as I would have if I made this for an instructable, but I'm sure you'll do fine just following the steps and using the pictures as inspiration.

For this look I used;
- Mehron liquid latex
- My usual make-up and some fake lashes
- Mehron rigid scarring liquid
- Mehron venom dark red fake blood
- Facepaint in the colors black and dark red
- Black thread
- A zipper in a nude tone

Have fun recreating and let me know if you did, I would love to see it!

With love,

Step 1: Prepping the Face

The first step isn't that hard. You'll need some liquid latex, a brush or a sponge, small scissors, a zipper, and your usual make-up.

Start by creating a split face using your latex. You can draw out the lines where you want your split face to be. Put on a few layers and let dry between them. Note; you can use a hair dryer to speed up the process. Just be careful, latex can get very hot and you wouldn't want to burn your model or yourself!

Next glue the zipper onto your face with some latex. Be sure the zipper matches the size of where you want to put it. You can just cut the zipper to the desired size and open it how far you like fitting your design. As you can see, I glued it under the eye at first. However, my model wasn't comfortable with that so I placed it to the side of her face, right next to a part of the split face. As you can see, I made some additions to the zipper. Once I glued it on, I came to see I couldn't get the sides properly blended with the face. I just cut off the edges so it would appeal more natural. But hey.. Nothing's natural about a zipper on your face so don't worry about it! =)

Put some latex on the forehead to make a wound. Apply a few layers, again let dry between the layers until you've reached your desired design and thickness.

Last you can make some scars to the other side of the face. I used Mehron rigid scarring liquid to do so. I painted a red line under it using some lip or eyepencil and just apply a few layers of the liquid on top of it.

Once the latex is fully dry, carefully get into the latex using small scissors. Be really careful not to cut yourself or your model! Bit by bit cut the latex to your desired look. This will create the illusion that the skin is badly torn.

To make the latex a bit thicker, you can use some toilet paper between the layers, using only thin pieces of paper by splitting the layers of tissue paper. This will however may be a bit harder to conceal with your make-up later.

Step 2: Putting on the Make-up and Making a Bloody Mess

Now that the prepping is done, we can start applying make-up.

Just use your normal make-up and begin with putting on your foundation. Make sure you blend in the latex to the "normal" side of the face but don't get worked up about it if it doesn't work. You'll make a gory mess later so don't worry! ;)
Powder it off with some fixing powder and start applying make-up to your eyes. I stayed into the nude tones but you can do whatever you like, this step is totally up to your creativity. Be sure both sides of the face are done, if you want to put on some fake lashes now is the time to do so. Now get ready to make some mess!

Before we do so, take your facepaint and color in the openings of the face. Paint the edges in black and fill in the rest with some darker red. Take a cotton swipe and take off the woolly stuff. Grab some latex and glue this into the holes creating some gory construction. You can also make some bruises using some dark red en some purple around other places of the face but this is optional.

When this is done, grab your fake blood and start filling the holes. I used dark venom by Mehron. Put in as much as you like and make sure you let some blood drip on the edges of the holes. Using a stippling sponge, create some blood spatters to the rest of your face and you are gory to go!

Step 3: Some Additional Steps

At this point you get to be creative. You can put in some party lenses, some stitches using black thread and glue it on with some latex. I took off the scarring liquid to make the scars look more realistic but if you want to keep the vibrant color you can leave it on; it will look good both ways!

Put on your Halloween costume. If you don't mind getting dirty, you can put some fake blood wherever you like. You are sure to give people a good scare!

I hope this helps you create a gory scary look for Halloween. If you have any questions feel free to contact me, I will be happy to help!

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