Introduction: Halloween Vines

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Create some creepy vines for your haunted house or Halloween display.


All you need is a plastic sheet and some cans of spray foam.

Step 1: Create the Vines.

This is a super easy project. Just lay out some plastic. I had a roll laying around, but it was basically like Saran Wrap, or something that the foam won’t stick to once it’s dried.

Shake the can and spray the foam in random “vine” pattern onto the plastic sheet, making sure to cross cross over the strips so each vine has some strength to stand on. In the photos, I started skinny, but I actually learned the thicker you make the foam, the stronger the finished product will be.

I had many groups to make, so I went through a TON of cans, but it’ll depend on how much you’re wanting to make for your project. I’d say plan on one can per group of vines because it empties fast.

Once sprayed, let it sit, undisturbed for a few hours until it’s fully cured. Then peel it off the plastic and stand up against a wall or pole. I had some arches that I attached it to. You could paint it black or brien or leave it. It’s up to you and the look you’re going for.

Step 2: You’re Done.

After it’s attached to your pole or support, I added orange lights and purple flood lights to add effect to it. Enjoy!