Introduction: Halloween Window Display

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Halloween Window Display
This was part of Simply Wooden Creations Scroll Saw Artist Contest 2015. Me not being the best scroll sawiest I am expecting the other entries to win and some of them are pretty cool. The rules were it had to be Halloween themed, and 90%+ had to be cut out on the scroll saw. (you were allowed to mill timber on your table saw to get it to size for example)

I used native Rimu for my stock, as it was what I had on hand and I only needed do some cross cutting which I could do on the scroll saw. You can use anything.

Print out the template and spray it with glue and wait 10 15 seconds it will go tacky and then stick the template to your stock of choice. Now you can download the updated template I used here

Now I am using a very cheap scroll saw and it does pinned blades as well as pin-less but with pin-less it uses adapters and can be annoying but with patience and taking my time ...

Once glued, drill start holes, I do recommend pin-less blades on this template for parts, but a good chunk can be done with pinned blades. Then it is just a matter of taking your time to cut out as carefully as you can. Take care in the centre, as there is not much support, and I have updated the template.

Use turps to help get the template off and sand. I then had some transparent red acrylic which I cut out and used double sided tape to stick it to the piece. The transparent acrylic then gives a glow as the light shines through it.

You could take this further and make it a light box so that it was glowing later at night as well.