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Happy Halloween everyone!

This project is extremely EASY and just needs a few basic tools. The pumpkins will be sitting on some bookshelves in our living room, but can easily be placed outside since I sprayed a clear protective finish on them.

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1x4 Pieces of Wood

Wood Glue


Clear Coat (optional)

That's it!

Step 1: Measurements

The first step is to trace out an octagon (8 sides) on a piece of 1x4 wood.

I'll be cutting 3 pieces total, but only needed to draw out 1 pattern and I'll just cut the other boards at the same time.

Step 2: Cut and Sand

Then I cut along the octagon lines and now have 3 individual octagon pieces of 1x4 wood.

You can already begin to see how easy this really is...

Last piece of prep work is to sand down the edges and I'm only doing this to make these easier to dust or wipe off in the future as they will probably go in the attic and only used once a year.

When cutting the octagon shape, you'll have a few triangle pieces leftover - I will use these for my stems!

Step 3: Assemble Pumpkin Body

For assembly, I'm using a combination of wood glue and 1 3/4" brad nails that are 18guage. The nails are pretty unnecessary but I had the tool handy so why not?

When adding the 2nd row of wood, I twisted it to where the points are not matched up with the first layer points.

Then the 3rd row of wood was twisted to match the first layer. This will give it some texture and dimension.

Step 4: Assemble the Stem

The stem was made out of the corner cuts as I said previously and I just applied with wood glue and a brad nail.

Are you confident you can do this now? EASY.

Step 5: Paint and Seal

The last step is to paint the pumpkins orange, white, purple, or whatever color you wish - and then hit it with some clear coat seal to give it that protective finish that is great for indoor and outdoor use.

THANK YOU so much for going through this!

Consider watching the video for further detail on the build process and again, subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don't miss out on many more awesome projects just like this! I have another Halloween character build I'm working on (image here).

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