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Introduction: Halloween Decorations: Halloween Candy Bouquet

Make your own candy bouquet. It makes a unique gift for Halloween or a tasty centerpiece for a Halloween party. It's fun to make. Kids will love to help you make this Halloween candy bouquet.

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Step 1:

Take any Halloween container you would like to use for your Halloween candy bouquet and floral foam.

Step 2:

Using a knife cut the foam and place it into the container. The foam should sit firmly and a little bit lower than the rim of the container. If your container is light, for example a plastic one, you will need to add some weight to the bottom of the container, some rocks from your back yard will work.

Step 3:

Cover the foam with Halloween garland using floral pins.

Step 4:

You may create your Halloween bouquet not just out of candy but candy and silk flowers. For example, you may add black silk roses into your arrangement.

Step 5: Make Candy Flowers for Your Halloween Candy Bouquet.

a) Prepare the candy you want to use in your bouquet (it may be Halloween themed candy or regular candy that goes well with your Halloween container, floral tape or hot glue, and the bamboo skewers or stem wire.

If you use candy that has wrappers with "tails" (loose ends), attach them to the bamboo skewers or stem wire with floral tape.

If you use candy pieces without "tails", attach a skewer to the back of the candy piece using hot glue.

b) Now that we have candy pieces attached to sticks. The next step is to decorate the candy flower stems. Wrap most of the candy flower stems with Halloween garland. Cut a piece of the garland; secure one end of it to the stick right beneath the candy with a little bit of hot glue. Wrap the garland around the stick covering about 2/3 of the stick or more; secure the end of the garland with a dab of hot glue. You can also tie a piece of curling ribbon on top of the garland.

Decorate some candy flowers with just a piece of curling ribbon.

c) Insert candy flowers into the container, arranging them as you wish to achieve the look you desire.

d) Put some candy flowers in the back of the bouquet so that they face the back of the arrangement. This way your bouquet looks good not only from the front but also from the back.

Happy Halloween!

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    8 years ago

    I made these! Thanks for the instructions

    13, 3:51 PM.jpg

    Woop! I just posted a photo on here of topiary trees I made this year with lollypops! I have a heap of florists wire left over, so maybe I will do a cool bouquet like this next year!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    You even can do this Idea for other holidays like Xmas........


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Here are some that i did,with my wifes' help for our family and friends


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I was looking for an office Halloween gift for the doctor's and nurses who took care of my daughter... Thanks, this is terrific!!