Halloween Fake Bra.

Introduction: Halloween Fake Bra.

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People wear crazy costumes at Halloween. Wanted to bring a computer along with us as a mannequin, We wondered if we could make lingerie out of paper, Surprising enough it was fairly easy to do. We are using an empty computer case to make it light and easy to collect candy in it.

Step 1: What's Needed:

4 - 5 sheets 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper. (cardboard might be firmer to use).
Quite a bit of tape (we used masking tape).

Computer to print out drawing.
Any decent drawing program. (We used Tuxpaint.)

Step 2: The Cup Form.

The cup. is fairly easy to draw.
Draw a horizontal line of about 7- 8 inches.
From the left hand side of the horizontal line, using a circle that intersects with the right hand side of the horizontal line.
Draw a line from the left hand side all the way up to the arc of the circle so that it is tilted away from being straight up.
From the right hand side go up the arc about 1/4 of the way and draw a line towards the center pointing slightly down abut 3 1/2 inches long.
Now draw a line from the end of that line back to the arc about another 1/4 of the arc. (about 1/2 way).

Erase the parts as you go along that you will not need.
Cut out the form.
You will need two of these, so make another one following the same instructions.

Step 3: Making the Cups.

You will want to bring points a and b together so the inner angle meets square together.
Use a small piece of tape to make it easier to do alignment.
The paper now forms a cup.
Tape along the whole intersection of th lines to make the seam sturdier.
Set aside for a minute.
Do the other cup.

Step 4: The Straps

For the straps, you will want to go to your drawing program (i.e. OpenOffice-Drawing) and draw lines 1 inch apart length-way.
Cut the strips. (you will need up to eight.)
Take 4 of the strips end to end and tape them up . Cut to the desired total length for the strap size.
Take 4 more of the strips and make 2 sections of 2 strips.

Step 5: Put It All Together.

Take the strap that is four piece long (about 44 inches) and fold it in half.
Draw a line 5/8 inch either side of the middle.
Place the cups so that where you taped them earlier face towards the bra strap.
Align each cup so the inner edge does not go past the 5/8 inch lines.
You may have to adjust lengths depending on what you are using to wear the fake bra.
Tape the cups to the bra strap. Tape it well for strength.
Now take the two two piece straps and tape to the top of the cup and over to the back side of bra strap. (again tape well).

At this point you are done unless you want to add some scary pictures or even a third cup.
Have fun. (Use at your own risk!!!)

Step 6: Next Year's Prototypes.

Still have a lot of work to do on it, but we are experimenting with a new versions of the Halloween bra Including black with side release., hopefully a bit more buxom.  The bra is for robot use only.

Step 7: Yet Another Cup.

We found another form, but did not make a bra of it yet...

Step 8: Blouse?

Add a bottom and you have a blouse.

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