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I searched the net for ideas to make halloween more fun. Three links that really stood out to me are posted below.

Thanks for the creative people who came up with this stuff and took the time to put it onto the net.

head on a table
the site explains everything better than I could. I used 1 leg instead of three, I built a collapsing crate to hide the head in. It was amazing how perfect the illusion was. Adults and kids alike kept asking how it was possible.

rc ghost
This was great too. I used my sons rc car and bolted a plate with a steel rod welded to it. I lucked out finding the sheer fabric that had kind of a purple shimmer to it. two led's for eyes. I'll need a second battery for next year. The wind really wreaked havoc with it as well. I had to clamp 2 vise grips to the plate as weight. I ran it up and down the street to attract people to our house.

[http://www.extremepumpkins.com/kersoaktoilp.html flaming pumpkins]
I have done this for the last three years now. What a visual effect. Keep back so kids can't get too close! Just soak toilet paper rolls in kerosene overnight, drop into a pumpkin and light. flames burn for about half an hour. Pumpkin looks pretty trashed after the second roll.

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    dave spencer
    dave spencer

    13 years ago on Introduction

    As with my volcano cake project, I do not want to use this table prop again nor do I have the room to store it. Therefore I am giving it away for free! All you have to do is come and pick it up. I will not ship it. So if you live in the Greater Toronto Area ( I live in Georgetown) PM me and we can arrange a time for pick up. Included is: homemade table, curtains, mirrors (not in the best condition but they worked fine), collapsing crate, and all necessary hardware. Not included: head The table breaks down almost flat. The largest piece is the plywood top that is 5 ft by 4 ft. My cost for building this was about $50.00 but all I want is a good home for it, and maybe after you scare the crap out of a few kids next year you can pass it on to someone else. I would suggest only taking it if you have someone to work it with you. It is not the most comfortable thing in the world. So it is nice to be able to work it in shifts. First come first served.