Introduction: Halo Needler

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How to make a Halo needler for 10 bucks or less.

all right so on to my next halo gun Instructable.
I was aiming for five bucks but this one i noticed was going to be more expencive so it went up to $10.

Please note that this instructible is not finished but will be soon.

I was only going to make one gun to go with my costume but I realized that carrying a BR as the Arbiter would look strange. So I gave my BR to my brother to go with his master cheif costume and decided that I wanted a needler as well as my energy sword.

I also noticed as I searched the web that, not only were there very little decent pictures of the needler, but I could only find one homemade needler but it was the halo 1 model and came with no instructions. So I am going to attempt to make a halo 3 needler replica.

if you could Please leave me a comment telling me what you think of this instructible and how im doing so far that would be greatly apreaciated. (and it would give me more motivation to get this finished quicker) =)

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Step 1: The Patterns

The patten I made for the needler.


I had to make my needler from scratch so follow this pattern and you should get a 21 inch long Halo3 needler.

Unless specificly told in the steps, All my messuments are in INCHES.

Anything filled in with light gray is to be cut out and tossed and/or recycled.


One inch is aproxamatly to two and a half centemeters. if you dont have an inches ruler handy.

Speaking from experiance if you start with one ruler to messure Do Not use a different one to messure. Some comapaies skimp the messurements on their rulers and sometimes the space increments are not the same from ruler to ruler. Just a warning.

Edit* If i have made a mistake in any of my messurments that I might have overlooked please dont hesitate to tell me. Im not exempt from making a mistake. I really do apreaciate it =)
Thanks to all who has told me them so far hehehe... I have fixed the problems so don't worry to all the rest of ya. XD

Step 2: Top and Bottom

The upper and lolwer parts of the gun need to be finished first. these will be the base. (also known as the thing your gunna glue everything elce to.)

Do not cut all the way through the cardboard only enough to make it bend.

For the top pice you need a 14 inch by 10 inch square of cardbord. hold the pice of cardbord verticaly, as if you were looking a high rise building. simmilar to this [] at the top messure 4 inches from the left and draw strait down. do the same thing from the left. you should have a coloum in the center messuring 2.5 inches. look at the pattern "Top Pice" and cut out the gray parts as shown.

when making and cutting the bottom of the top pice you will need a 14 inch by 6 inch pice of cardboard. draw a line strait down the middle. holding the cardboard verticaly draw two lins across the middle line at 2.5 inches down from the top and at 4.5 inches from the top. on each side from your 2.5 line draw a diagonal line to the the centre where your 4.5 inch line crosses over the middle line. give the cardboard a half cut down the centre line from the 4.5 line and cut your dagonal lines half way through too. :)

then tape them together till you have something that looks similar to mine.

Step 3: Glued

I glued stuff...

My top and bottom pices kept falling apart with the tape i had on them so i saved myself the hassle and glued the things together. at the same time i glued the mid front to it as well.

the tube in the middle is not glued on. the cardbord tube is what i was going to use for a handle but i decided i wanted it to make a shooting noise. So I went to the dollar store and bought myself a plastic rapid fire toy gun.

the pattern for the cardbord tube will be on the pattern step.

Use the images below to position Pices A,B,C,&D from the pattern image called "assembly pices

Step 4: Step 4 - Barrel?

I dont really know if i can properly call this a barrel as it looks nothing like it but im going call it that anyway.

This step was very difficult... there are not many good close ups of the needlers nose so i went and played halo in forge to get a good look at the gun.

Step 5: Paper Matche *Optional Step*

I was experementing and in the end, i found that this step caused more trouble than it was worth.

I got the purple paper at the dollar store and i already had the white glue on hand but you can get it there too.

to paper matche you pour all your glue into a bowl big enough to get both your hands into it. then you mix some watter so you can get a 2 to 1 glue mix ratio. then dip one or both sides of your paper into the stuff and place the paper over what your making.
leave to let dry.

The problems i ran into with this step was that the water from my paper matche had soaked into my cardbord so even now im still waiting for my cardbord to dry. i dont want to handle it while its so weak. i've been waiting for about a day for it to dry.
and the fact that i couldn't get the wet paper on the inside of the needlers barrel was very frustrating.

Step 6: Base Coat

Okay now im giving this thing a base coat.
again going to the dollar store, im trying to keep this thing as cheep as i can, And i bought some paint. When deciding on what kind of paint to use i would go with an arcrilic paint. one it dries fast, two its water resistiant, and three it has nice rich colors. the closest purple i found was a light violet so i got some dark blue to mix with it.

Now you dont have to be expert on colors to get your paint right.

You dont need to buy expencive paint for this to look good and if you look at my blobs of paint i put the dollar paint next to my expencive paint as an example. the cheep stuff on the left. theres really not that much vissible difrance in the colors only in the texture and thickness.
Anyways pour a decent amount of your purple onto your paper plate or whatever you have to put your paint on. and slowly add bits of the blue to the purple untill you get a nice rich dark purple.
an optional step is to buy and mix some silver paint into your color to give it some sparkle. and give your gun a good two coats of paint.
Acrilic paint is dry to the touch within five minuets but would leave at leat a good two or three hours to completly dry.

See ya cats. Please leve a comment telling me how i did with this instructible so far and have fun making your own Needler. =)

Step 7: Needles...

Using the image pattern marked Needles1 or needles2, draw the pattern onto the cardboard using the messuments as shown.

the pattern needles1 is a square needle and the patttern needles2 is a triagular type of needle

Draw out on your needler, lightly in pencil, where you want your needles to go the needles are about 1inch by 1inch in width. When I counted the nuber of needles in my main refrance picture i found 14 needles. four in the front, three, four, and three on the end. Remember to space them out evenly.

the reason there is a square and triagle needle patter is because i really honestly cant tell what shape the needle is. sometimes it looks square and other times it looks like triangles. of corse mine are going to be round but whatever.


To make a simple square or triangular needle cut a pice of cardboard that is 10 inches by 4 inches or if you want them smaller 10 inches by 2 inches. divide the rectangle into four or three even parts verticaly. then at the point of the top draw a horizontal line two or three inches down from the top.

for the square needle draw lines in order as follows. 1 draw a line from the bottm left corner to the top right cornner. the second leave as an empty space the third draw a line fron thebottom right cornner to the top left corner. and the last square draw a line from the bottom left and right corner to a point in the center of the square.

Here is a text version of what the pattern looks like. only the sides of each section is TOUCHING and are right beside eachother ONLY FOUR SECTIONS.

[/] [_] [\] [/\]
| | | | | | | |
| | | | | | | |
| | | | | | | |
-- --- -- ---


THe trangle neelder is almost the same as the square needle but instead of cornner to corner triagles draw two center triangles on each side of the empty square. like the texted pattern below.

[/\] [_] [/\]
| | | | | |
| | | | | |
| | | | | |
--- --- ---

fold each section on the vertical line to make a long rectangular or tiangular box.
and bend the triangles in towards the UNBENT rectangle peice which is the back of the needle. glue or tape together.

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may 16 Edit*
Sorry, the instructibles website is being mean to me and not letting me uplad any of my pics.I'll try uploading them again tomorrow, and if that doesn't work then I really dont know what to do past that.

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may 17 Edit*
again no sucsess with the uploading of my pics. sigh... my needler is almost finished i just have to install my glowing light needles and gloss the whole thing over. and i wont even be able to upload any pics for a while because i am going on vacation and my flight leaves tomorrow. I will not have any internet acsees where i am going so when i come back in three weeks hopfully my error letter to instructibles will be read by then and the problem fixed.

until then have a good summer!


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