Halo 3 Tips and Tricks

Introduction: Halo 3 Tips and Tricks

Enimies laughing at you killing you??? killing you over and over???
you getting mad and destroying halo 3 and go back to world of
if you said yes to any of these questions you need this.


Step 1: Controls and Movement

Below is a Halo 3 controller map here are some tips...
remember to use the left stick and right stick in conjunction (together) don't just move back then turn, look turn,move and crouch in a fast motion.
B- the melee button is only for up close (as if you didn't know).

D PAD- In campaign up on d-pad is flashlight.
in xbox live (not in lobby) during game press any button on D-PAD
to talk to fellow players in the pregame lobby this is not needed.

Step 2: Guns

1}Beam rifle 18 shots overheatable good for body shots double tap
trigger for body shots must wait for cooldown.2} 36 rnds 3 rnd burst fire 2x scope.3} brute shot 6 rnd belt melee with this gun
is deadly i think.4} brute spiker 48 rd mag almost like needler
but no splode.5} Carbine 36 rd mag 2x magnification scope.6} Energy sword 10 lunges you can also melee with B with no lunge.7}
M6G pistol 12 rd mag.8} M7/Caseless SMG 60 rd full auto.9} M9OA CAWS shotgun 6 rds deadly at close range.10} 4M1 MAV/AW Rocket launcer 2 HE Rkts.11} MA5C ICWS Assault rifle 32 rds Full auto.
12} AIE-486 HMG M gun Full Auto 200 rd belt.13} LAU-65D-151 missile pod 8 guided mslz.14} Needler 30 rd caddy if u stick alot 2
an enemy the splode!!!.15} Plasma cannon Type-52 auto cannon 200 shots.16} 100-150 kV,2-3 dAs Plasma pistol hold trigger for charge
shot 100 rd charge.17}SRS 99D AM Sniper rifle 4 rd mag 24x magnification scope.18}WAV M6 GGNR Spartan lazer A.k.A. the pwner
must hold trigger to fire must wait for cooldown 5 rd charge.o yhea the numbers were for the pictures example 1} means picture 1.

Step 3: Nades (if Your Dumb Its Gangsta for Grenade)

Here are some grenades and uses.
1st pic is a firebomb grenade when thrown covers floor in a flame if hit wont sick but will knock down your shield when it splodes
(obviously) if you stand in the flame you DIE!!!.2nd pic M9HE-DP
fragmentation grenade kill radius(5ms) causalty radius(15ms)
3rd pic Type-1 antipersonel A.k.A ole sticky kill radius(4m)
causalty(12ms) 4th pic Type-2 anipersonel spike grenade this grenade will stick to any serface making it differnt from the
plasma grenade with only sticks to people, the spike grenade
launches spikes everywhere kill radius(3ms) causalty radius(11ms)
even if you stand far away there still is a chance the spikes
will hit you.

Step 4: Pickups

To use a powerup press x (duh) and remember you can only carry
one powerup. first up the bubble shield it is a big globe
throw it and get in oh yea no bullets can get though if some one
comes in and throws a nade run way oh yea only last few seconds.
next up, the trip mine (its obvious what it does) works good for
fast moving vehicles grav lifts work good too. next grav lift
can float you in te air!!! (it can float vehicles too).also power drain it drain shields then splodes. and last the regenerator it
brings your life back up if you stand in it.

Step 5: Vehicles

Here are some vehicles.. 1st banshee the banshee has 2 weapons
a fuel rod cannon and plasma guns. 2nd ghost has a boost function
with right trigger plasma guns if you charge someone with the boost they die.3rd hornet equipt with guided missiles seats 2 passengers.4th mongoose seats 1 passenger.5th pelican only AI
can fly seats 10 passengers in cargo hold weapons variable.6th
phantom only AI can fly can seat 24 in cargo hold weapons 3 class-2 energy.7th scorpion tank seats 5(including gunner) weapons
90mm cannon + 7.62mm Machine Gun.8th huge kick butt turret
blast phantom like wads of plasma mowin down enimies in its path
this is an awsome weapon.9th Warthog seats 2 passengers plus 1
gunner has to kinds gauss or machine gun.10th wraith tank this thing is scary has boost function seats 1 gunner more of a arrtillary weapon launches huge wads of plasma in an arc a huge field of plasma emits from hit point very slow only does a burst of boost anyway.

Step 6: Tips

in legendary difficulty stay far away and pick off enimies.
THE Bxr when wielding a shotgun get close to an enemy and melee,reload,and shoot you can reorder these if you want. if your
gun is too slow to melee throw a plasma grenade at them then back off!!! boom they sploded . with a SMG when close to an enemy hold trigger down then while holding trigger melee and instant goodnight.when using a energy sword jump then lunge at enemy that means press the trigger when crosshair turns red its almost impossable to dodge. BYE!!!!

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    4 years ago

    the mongoose is actually a 2 seater (i play halo)

    Plo Koon
    Plo Koon

    8 years ago on Introduction

    I am going 2 publish a Halo guide as well. it was originally called Halo: Combat Evolved--Tips and Tricks. what are the chances weed both come up with the same name? wierd

    Rock Soldier
    Rock Soldier

    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    -101 out of 10 (I win) Bad instructable barely any tips


    11 years ago on Step 2

    I think the carbine has an 18 round mag.


    11 years ago on Step 5

    no offence, but it looks like you copied everything from the manual here.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

     yeah, pretty much. any of you know how to use the fuel rod cannon n banshee? cause i know the trigger is plasma cannons and other trigger is boost but how do you use fuel rod?


    12 years ago on Introduction

    geez, is punctuation your bane or somthing? do you shudder at the sight of the dreaded comma? I could find about ten guides better then this one on gamefaqs alone


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry dude im only 11 years old. And yes I do shudder at the sight of a comma grammer gives me the hebbie-jebbies!!!


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    I'm Your age! Well actually, that was posted about one and a half years ago, but my point still stands. Grammar


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    am i the only one that finds this ironic?